Hey everyone!

My name is Andrea Tarzia, I live near Turin (Italy) I am a concept artist and illustrator, with a strong painterly feeling.
Like many others, I have been drawing since I was a little kid, but after high school life got into the way and for 10 years I stopped. In my 30s I decided to start again with the goal to become professional one day.
I attended a digital painting class at the International School of Comics in Turin and then I started my journey as a self taught artist, hoarding tutorials like a dragon and attending workshops with professionals such as Jon Hardesty, Brynn Metheny, Sam Nielson, Bobby Chiu, Lorenzo Lanfranconi and many others.
In 2022 I decided to give more structure to my workflow so I attended the Digital Painting Master liv.2 by Genius Academy.

My workflow depends on the project that I am working on, going from painting to photobashing. I am starting to add a little bit of 3d in my process.
I have experiences as illustrator and colorist for private and small editorial projects.